KTAGKellogg Team and Group Research Center (Northwestern University; Illinois)
KTAGKentucky Tennessee Area Geocachers (treasure hunting organization)
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Even if the president benefited from KTAG's action, the committee did not discuss whether the obligation, which Kiska should have mentioned in his property disclosure, was automatically generated, Sloboda said, as reported by TASR.He also considers it a needless procrastination of the case, since the committee had certain information from the very beginning.
As a result, they decided to end the proceeding in this matter, Puci said.How was the president's campaign financed?Prior to the presidential campaign in 2014, Kiska used his own money and his firm KTAG to manage his presidential campaign.
In addition, KTAG did not issue an invoice between 2013 and 2014 to Kiska for this election campaign since he had deposited his money in the firm as interest-free loans, not as payments for the services, as reported by the Sme daily in early March.
However, KTAG has paid this money back to the state.
To avoid criminal responsibility, KTAG voluntarily paid nearly euro145,000 on corporate taxes and VAT last year.
However, KTAG received the tax audit results in October 2014 and it only corrected its tax returns by the end of 2017, according to Pravda.
SaS wrote that the public now does not know whether the documents from his presidential campaign reaching the media now are fake or copies of the original ones.We do mind that the institute of the president of the Slovak Republic is losing its importance and dignity, they further wrote as cited by Denniacutek N, adding that in this situation, Andrej Kiska should publish all orders for the work he asked KTAG to carry out within his unofficial and official campaign, as well as all invoices KTAG sent to Andrej Kiska afterwards, and all documents proving the payment of these invoices from Kiskas private resources.
Despite this inconsistency, the president insists he did not lie, and the money was actually his.He paid for the campaign by transferring money from his private account to his KTAG company, and the company then covered the TV commercials, advertisements and billboards, said his spokesman, Roman Krpelan.
Besides not being known which contract, or agreement, Kiska and KTAG had between themselves, it is not clear at all whether there was any.
He reported them after some time when tax officials discovered incongruities in KTAG's accountancy, in connection with the first information campaign.
He could have ordered services from KTAG as a natural entity, and then use it for the official election campaign.
"NAKA never investigated case of the tax evasions of the president's company," his ministry's press department said, as quoted by Sme.NAKA did not investigate KTAG at the time the president acted as its authorised representatives, at the time the presidential campaign was approaching its climax and the firm included the campaign expenses into its accounting and asked for VAT refunds, it added.