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KTASKnots True Air Speed
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The single-engine Archer IIIs are powered by a 180 horsepower Lycoming 0- 360-A4M with 128 KTAS, 237 km/h cruise and 522 nm, 822 km range.
In connection with the expiry of TDC's lease in Norregade, Copenhagen, the company has concluded a lease agreement with KTAS' Pensionskasse (pension fund) relating to combining activities and moving the headquarters to Teglholmsgade.
When we consider the current economic reality of 'independent' Kosovo, there is good reason to support the KTAs definition of what constitutes an economically viable SOE.
The two boat services that presently operate between the mainland and the island will prove insufficient for the swarms of visitors the Kuwait Tourism Affairs Sector (KTAS) hopes to attract.
In 1893 he was hired as an assistant to the chief telephone engineer at the Copenhagen telephone company (KTAS), where in his spare time he invented the telegraphone in 1898.
Sounds easy, but at 550 KTAS at 250 ft or in the chaos of combat it can be tough.
Each has made specific substantive contributions to the JPEG proposal: Aharon Gill (Zoran, Israel), Eric Hamilton (C-Cube, USA), Alain Leger (CCETT, France), Adriaan Ligtenberg (Storm, USA), Herbert Lohscheller (ANT, Germany), Joan Mitchell (IBM, USA), Michael Nier (Kodak, USA), Takao Omachi (NEC, Japan), William Pennebaker (IBM, USA), Henning Poulsen (KTAS, Denmark), and Jorgen Vaaben (AutoGraph, Denmark).
For typical flights at 8000 to 10,00C feet, cruise speeds are 165 to 170 KTAS burning around 13.5 GPH LOP, at 2500 RPM (the minimum RPM the Cirrus power lever permits without sacrificing manifold pressure).
The M-345 is ideally suited for training to these aspects as the aircraft flies at 380 knots true airspeed (KTAS) at sea level and 425 KTAS at 20,000 feet; and has a rate of climb of 5,200 feet per minute, and a service ceiling of 40,000 feet.
Ten percent of the true airspeed plus five to seven knots will give you the approximate bank angle for a standard rate turn up to about 150 KTAS.
The aircraft will also afford a maximum cruise speed of up to 200 ktas and a 900 nautical-mile maximum range.