KTBAKip Toner Benefit Auctions (Seattle, WA)
KTBA2-Keto-4-Thiomethyl Butyric Acid
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Keeping all this in view, the KTBA requested the finance minister to extend the date of e-filing of corporate and non-corporate tax returns and statements till January 31, 2017 in order to facilitate the genuine tax-filers.
Addressing the occasion, Convener PDP Committee of KTBA, Khalid Mehmood briefed about the history and evolution of the PDP and said it was envisaged for imparting training and knowledge to the Bar members.
Earlier, President KTBA, Syed Wasimuddin Hashmi presented the welcome address.
dpuf">refused to consider an appeal of the central bankas decision to cancel the KTBas banking licence filed by the bankas majority owner Bromak and other shareholders including the Bulgarian Acquisition Company II.
They were elected by the members of the KTBA at its 58th Annual General Meeting held the other day.
The BNB put KTBA under special supervision on June 20 after a bank run that saw depositors withdraw more than one-fifth of total deposits in a week.
In a letter sent to chairman FBR the KTBA said that FBR through a letter dated January 12 2015 directed all taxpayers to submit applications for EC through IRIS.
In a letter sent to chairman FBR KTBA lambasted the board for feeble attitude saying that despite raising issues being faced by its members the revenue collection authority did not even bothered to give reply to any letter.
Under the plan, the administrators must must invite KTBas current shareholders ato declare their interest in, and the possibility of, providing both capital and liquidity support to KTBa.
The administrators must also sign A additional contracts with the auditing companies, which already performed the initial audit - Ernst and Young Audit, Deloitte Audit, and AFA - for a comprehensive evaluation of the KTBas assets.