KTDKnow the Difference
KTDKyocera Technology Development
KTDKarma Triyana Dharmachakra
KTDKendrick Traction Device (emergency medical supply)
KTDKilling the Dream (band)
KTDKids These Days (band)
KTDKids/Teen Division (Working to Halt Online Abuse)
KTDKnowledge Transfer Department
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The next three sets consisted of three different and random applications of the KTD, where each one of the six possible application orders was performed by three subjects (n=18).
There were three different applications of Kinesiol taping Denko[R]: I) facilitation KTD, II) Inhibition KTD and III) placebo KTD.
While discussing traditional music with the members of KTD Crew, rapper Allou's initial hesitance dissipated as he began to compare it with hip hop:
As for debt, it amounts to 41,666 KTD to June 30, 2015 against 40,317 KTD at June 30, 2014, posting a slight increase of 1,353 KTD.
20,000, 5 White Birch Dr, Thrower, Jean M, and Thrower, Mary C, to KTD Enterprises LLC.
Meanwhile, the water from KTD reservoir is used to irrigate lands within the middle and southern zones of the Jordan Valley [1].
Abeysekera AM, De Silva KTD, De Silva SRP, Sirimanne VDP, Labadie RP, Van den Berg AJJ, Vander Sluis W (1999) Inhibition of chemiluminescence generated by zymosan-activated polymorphonuclear leucocytes by phenolic constituents of Vernonia cinerea.
Members of the committee were of the view that KTD is an important project of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as it would not only boost agriculture in the province but also enhance power generation capacity.
Thai KTD, Nagelkerke N, Phuong HL, Nga TTT, Giao PT, Hung LQ, et al.
Kai San Road, a new carriageway linking the KTD area and San Po Kong, is one of the major infrastructure works of the KTD.