KTEKnees to Elbows (exercise)
KTEKawasaki Thermal Engineering (Japan)
KTEKnowledge Translation and Exchange
KTEKnown Threat Entity (science fiction)
KTEKnuckles the Echidna (comic)
KTEKeithley Test Environment (software)
KTEKnowledge Transfer & Exchange
KTEKeep the Excuses (gaming)
KTEKintetsu Track Engineering (Japan)
KTEKeepers of the Empire (gaming club)
KTEKey Translation Element
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Program objectives, course descriptions, course websites, and course syllabi were examined, when available, to determine if interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and/or KTE approaches and training were offered by each program.
Fourteen of the 37 programs (38%) cited KTE opportunities, training activities and/or approaches in their program objectives.
Although there are several schools that state they value interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary perspectives and KTE activities, only one third of schools actually offer formal training in these critical areas.
Students believe they should be encouraged not only to translate and disseminate their findings to various stakeholders, but also supported to connect with other students, mentors and community partners to improve ways that knowledge can be exchanged.9 Public health training at the graduate level is a potentially crucial time for students to acquire KTE skills that will become a valuable tool throughout their careers.
Practica are also potentially important sources of learning multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and KTE skills.
Kte, hereinafter referred to as customer (ag), intends to conclude a service contract with a contractor for carrying out maintenance measures in the area of power generation and distribution systems of building 546 in the area of responsibility of kte in accordance with the specifications.
engineering services in the field of electrical and control technology for the new construction and renovation projects of kte specifically, These are services that are provided by the contractor (an) on their own responsibility and independently for the kte (principal (ag)) as part of a service contract.
Kte, hereinafter referred to as customer (ag), has to provide repetitive tests (wkp), preventive maintenance (vbi), troubleshooting or repair according to the list of services, ag and manufacturer specifications as well as applicable regulations to the fire alarm system and its components.
the subject matter of the contract is the independent, Quality-compliant and autonomous performance of recurrent inspections (wkp), Preventive maintenance (vbi), Other inspection work, Maintenance and repair work, Troubleshooting and system adjustments to process, Machine, Ventilation and building services facilities in all buildings the kte according to specifications of the ag.
Testing, maintenance, repairs and additional services - cranes and hoists at various kte sites (fr 2, hdb, hz, knk, mzfr, wak).
other emsr work in the disposal companies of the kte.