KTEBKurtis Trent Estrogen Brigade (fansite)
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Runway 19 is in use at KFRG, and a phone call to the KTEB ATIS (thank you, A/FD) says they're landing on Runway 6.
Some sims reference all cloud bases to your current position's ground level, so about 900 OVC at KTEB would work.
Getting an idea of what to expect at KTEB from the ground in Farmingdale by phone is nice, but once in the air how would you tune the KTEB ATIS?
FBO regional winners includes Northeast U.S., Meridian, Teterboro Airport (KTEB); Southeast U.S., Banyan Air Service, Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE); South Central U.S., McKinney Air Center, McKinney National Airport (KTKI); Southwestern U.S., X Jet, Denver's Centennial Airport (KAPA); Northwest U.S., Yellowstone Jet Center, Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport MT (KBZN); North Central U.S., Million Air St.
Kennedy (KJFK), Newark Liberty (KEWR), Teterboro (KTEB), and Westchester/White Plains (KHPN) are all located within about 14 miles of each other beneath a patchwork quilt of ATC sectors woven together in a less-than-perfect pattern.
But since we dropped them off in Teterboro, N.J., (KTEB), and I only bought enough fuel to get us on to McGuire AFB--perhaps with a bit extra to ensure there was about an ample reserve--I still don't know if I landed at KTEB with a true hour or just an imaginary one.
On an average day, there are 6300 arrivals and departures from the five major airports: Kennedy, N.Y., (KJFK), La Guardia, N.Y., (KLGA), Newark, N.J., (KEWR), Teterboro, N.J., (KTEB), and Philadelphia, Penn., (KPHL).
A new turboprop arrival route would be established for KTEB. There would be no significant changes for KJFK traffic.