KTEFHKuwait Turkish Evkaf Finance House
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While this might suggest that small accountholders were responsible for the run on KTEFH (and it was certainly them queuing up outside the bank), the distribution of amounts withdrawn suggests a different picture.
Notable in this regard was the run on KTEFH, which was known to have the backing of its deep-pocketed Kuwaiti parent company.
Turkey's Special Finance Houses (SFH) Abbreviation Established Ownership (a) (b) (c) Al Baraka Turkish Finance House ABTFH 1984 Foreign Family Finance House FFH 1984 Initially foreign; bought out by Turkish shareholders in 1998 Kuwait Turkish Evkaf Finance House KTEFH 1988 Foreign Anadolu Finance House AFH 1991 Turkish Was Finance House IFH 1995 Turkish Asya Finance House ASYAFH 1996 Turkish Total SFH -- -- Total Deposits (1999) Return to 1-year US$ (d) Amount (e) Share Account (2000) (m.