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KTISKorea Telecom International Symposium
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KTI helps business to benefit from access to Irish expertise and technology by making it simple to connect and engage with this research base in Ireland, thus progressing innovation, the commercialisation of research, job creation and economic prosperity.
Commenting on the sector Dr Alison Campbell, Director of KTI, said, The knowledge transfer sector in Ireland is maturing, driven through active engagement in the processes by companies and entrepreneurs working with the research base.
Our goal at KTI is to drive awareness regarding the resources available, which is why we are delighted to launch the Knowledge Transfer Ireland Find Funding resource.
Siriviriyakul established the KTIS Group in 1957, with a plant based in Nakhon Sawan province.
KTIS runs a combined sugar business comprised of three sugar mills, a pulp and paper plant, an ethanol facility, a bio-mass power plant and a fertiliser factory.
"As cellphone coverage approaches universal, having a 'mobile friendly' website will allow more boaters, boating dealers and marine suppliers to access our content from wherever they are using whatever device they have," observed KTI Systems Marketing VP Carole Keenan.
About KTI Systems and the FilterBOSS Commander Series
Ten recommendations have been identified, and these cover two broad headings Guidance (preparation and provision of enhanced practical guidance by KTI to the HEIs) and Governance (implementation of strengthened HEI governance measures and monitoring by the HEA).
KTI is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Universities Association (IUA).