KTKKuluttajatutkimuskeskus (Finnish: National Consumer Research Centre)
KTKKauno Technikos Kolegija (Lithuanian: Kaunas Technical College; Kaunas, Lithuania)
KTKKvinna Till Kvinna Foundation (Sweden)
KTKKolej Tunku Kurshiah (Malaysian college)
KTKKatedra Technickej Kybernetiky (Sloak: Department of Technical Cybernetics)
KTKKëshilli Transitor I Kosovës (Albanian: Transitive Council of Kosova)
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When KTK was established in 2015, we had only 10 family members working for us.
She notes that KTK's desire to work with women group comes from the fact that Liberia has a history of violence, armed conflict and high unemployment.
Traditionally, glass-reinforced epoxy (thermoset) was used in the KTK electrical connector market.
While addressing, KTK chairperson Zamruda Habib said that the Kashmir was not a laboratory where India should test all its lethal weapons on innocent and unarmed people.
O teste KTK e composto por quatro atividades: equilibrio retrocedendo, saltos monopedais, saltos laterais e transposicao lateral.
The battery of tests of body coordination (KTK), is composed of four tasks designed to diagnose and motor impairments in children with brain injury and / or behavioral disorders.
The fire is still blazing," he told KTK television.
KTK has published its 3Q11 IFRS results, printing revenues at RUB 6,207mn (USD 210mn), EBITDA of RUB 1,078mn (USD 36mn), net income at RUB 449mn (USD 15mn) and a 17% EBITDA margin.
Kochi, May 5 (ANI): Expressing the view that hectic traveling has adversely impacted some of the cricketers, Kochi Tuskers Kerala (KTK) batsman Brad Hodge has criticized the standard of some of the pitches used during the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).odge criticised the IPL schedule, and said that it is very tiring and taking a toll on the body of some of the players.
The complaint, which refers to the girl by the initials KTK, says: "KTK stated that the relationship with Bain became a master/slave relationship in which Bain was the master and would tell her what to do.
(1) Candidate ports in the trade area (10 ports): Dalian (DL), Tianjin (TJ), Qingdao (Qd), Shanghai (SH), Busan (BSN), Kaohsiung (KSH), KeeLung (KL), Kitakyushu (KTK), Osaka (OSK) and Tokyo (TKY).