KTKKuluttajatutkimuskeskus (Finnish: National Consumer Research Centre)
KTKKauno Technikos Kolegija (Lithuanian: Kaunas Technical College; Kaunas, Lithuania)
KTKKvinna Till Kvinna Foundation (Sweden)
KTKKolej Tunku Kurshiah (Malaysian college)
KTKKatedra Technickej Kybernetiky (Sloak: Department of Technical Cybernetics)
KTKKëshilli Transitor I Kosovës (Albanian: Transitive Council of Kosova)
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Traditionally, glass-reinforced epoxy (thermoset) was used in the KTK electrical connector market.
While addressing, KTK chairperson Zamruda Habib said that the Kashmir was not a laboratory where India should test all its lethal weapons on innocent and unarmed people.
Jei kalbesime apie rasalinius atspaudus, tai cia didziausiosios STK ir KTK koeficientu vertes yra tarp atspaudu ir atspaudu (3-6 pav.
5 years, with various disabilities, by applying the battery of motor tests known as KTK .
The fire is still blazing," he told KTK television.
KTK have eight points and are still in contention for a place in next stage but have lost three matches in a row.
KTK stated that on two occasions, Bain emailed her photos of his bare genitals.
The cause of mass die off of livestock in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan is a contaminated basin, KTK TV channel reported.
The Challenger 208 aircraft, en route from Issyk-Kul lake, had to make an emergency landing August 26 at the airport in Almaty, Kazakhstan, KTK Kazakh state TV channel said.
KTK upped the output in coal in 1Q 2013 by 10% yoy.
Chasing a target of 135, reset as per the Duckworth/Lewis method, KTK were in a better position as Brendon McCullum and skipper Jayawardene kept up the required pace initially.