KTMLKite Trick Markup Language
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Stocks that contributed positively include POL (+10pts), KTML (+4pts), NRL (+2pts), SCBPL (+2pts), and LOTCHEM (+2pts).
I am pleased to inform that the majority of the bed sheets that you can see in HEMA and IKEA are actually produced in KTML. Pakistan has a new position in wider width printing and this gives Pakistan a unique place in the textile industry around the globe.
Secondly, the govt is expected to rationalize taxation of holding companies on inter-corporate dividend, which will be positive for Holding companies like ENGRO, INIL, KTML, LUCK etc.
"I want to congratulate KTML for being a pioneer in its thinking about the issue of sustainability in its energy mix.
Performance came amid heavy support from consumer discretionary (+1.41 per cent), materials (+1.36 per cent), financials (1.35 per cent) and utilities (+1.24 per cent) with major push coming from NML (+4.07 per cent), KTML (+2.78 per cent), LUCK (+2.43 per cent), ENGRO (+1.01 per cent), DGKC (+2.84 per cent), FFBL (+4.68 per cent), EFERT (+1.25 per cent), HBL (+2.09 per cent), MCB (+2.70 per cent) and SNGP (+2.59 per cent).
Some recovery was seen in Banks and Cements, while textiles such as KTML and NML also performed better.
LAHORE -- The PML-N government's business-friendly policies have encouraged Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited (KTML) group to invest Rs 6 billion in 40 MW coal power project at its Maple Leaf Cement Factory.
Stocks that contributed negatively include FCCL (-8pts), PSO (-7pts), SPWL (-5pts), KTML (-5pts) and HBL (-4pts).
This coupled with export led policies of new Govt., caused NCL, NML and KTML to gain 13 percent during the week.
Contribution to upside came from HUBC (+1.9 per cent), SNGP (+2.12 per cent), KAPCO (+1.09 per cent), MCB (+1.34 per cent), BAHL (+1.37 per cent), NBP (+2.81 per cent) and SEARL (+3.1 per cent) while NESTLE (-5 per cent), KTML (-2.32 per cent), THALL (-1.38 per cent), LUCK (-1.21 per cent), ENGRO (-0.66 per cent) and DAWH (-1.34 per cent) weighed down on market performance.
Major companies scheduled to announce results next week include ENGRO, PSMC, INDU, MLCF, FATIMA, EFERT, PIOC, MTL, KTML, ABL, MCB, SEARL, and ICI.
Stocks that contributed negatively include NATF (-3pts), KTML (-3pts), SHEL (-3pts), EFUG (-3pts) and ABOT (-3pts).