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KtnKaernten (German: Carinthia; Austria Europe)
KtnKnowledge Transfer Network
KtnKnown Traveler Number (airlines security reservation)
KtnKenya Television Network
KtnKawish Television Network (Pakistan)
KtnKetchikan, AK, USA - Ketchikan International (Airport Code)
KtnKennedy Town (Hong Kong)
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To overcome this issue, Yin and his team of researchers, Penn State graduate students Wenbin Zhu, Ju-Hung Chao, Chang-Jiang Chen and Robert Hoffman from the Army Research Laboratory in Maryland, eliminated the electric field-induced phase transition in a nanodisordered KTN crystal by making it work at a higher temperature.
According to KTN, residents have raised the issue of the building's possible collapse before.
Mr Boyd, one of the UK pioneers of digital media for more than 20 years, is currently director of CI KTN, the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network.
Technology transfer institute Isli is set to demonstrate its ground-breaking work in advanced wireless sensor systems at the 2011 Aerospace, Aviation & Defence KTN Conference.
It has been organised by Hybu Cig Cymru, IBERS and Innovis with support from Livestock Marketing Ltd; Dalehead Foods Ltd; Cambrian Mountains Company Ltd; Young Farmers Club Wales and Biosciences KTN.
Bob played a pivotal role in winning the bid to run the first Food Processing KTN for food in the UK and helped the Faraday team successfully deliver the research agenda of Defra and DTI (subsequently the Technology Strategy Board) in this area until the merger with the Biosciences for Business KTN and Genesis Faraday in September 2009.
It brings together two initiatives NanoCentral and Nano KTN.
Bhutto, leader of the secular Pakistan People's Party, the country's largest opposition group, told Pakistani television station KTN by phone from London that "whatever we have done and are doing it is for democracy and social and economic rights of the people of Pakistan".
The Materials KTN, which is the largest group to be formed in this reorganisation, will include the Faraday partnerships of Advance, Packaging, Powdermatrix, Technical Textiles, as well as Plastics, together with Smart Materials Surfaces and Structures Network and the National Composites Network.
Kenya's Health Minister, who was trapped in the airport's terminal building, believed that there had been an accident, while the private television network, KTN, had broadcast reports of casualties.
The KTN distributes tapes of local news and magazines to more than 180 blind and partially sighted people every fortnight.
UPC and MediaOne bought A2000, or KTN as it was then, from the Municipality of Amsterdam in 1995, signing up to a 10-year pricing agreement as part of the deal.