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KTTIKansas Technical Training Initiative (Wichita, KS)
KTTIKenya Textile Training Institute (est. 1981)
KTTIKahrs Thermal Technology Inc. (Goose Creek, SC)
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The printing is differently named with each new stage beginning from asil or asul to kot and then khor and ktti. Then the process of dyeing begins.
Also due to the fact that most of the trainers often overlooked in the training center and lines of any players in mind the principle of privacy in the training based on the concept of total football and attention to the comprehensive training for all the players and the allocation of a small part of the unit training centers for the privacy of the players and given mostly in the side Ktti. Therefore, most of the players to develop their mental capacity is tight, and depending on the circumstances of the training and playing, both in similar training programs, or the game.
MOHAMMED, MUFTI IBRAHIM, 1994, New skills in the preparation and Ktti of football, the Arab Thought House, Cairo.