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KTUKauno Technologijos Universiteto (Lithuanian: Kaunas University of Technology)
KTUKalam Technological University (India)
KTUKerala Technological University (India)
KTUKaradeniz Teknik Universitesi (Black Sea Technical University; Turkey)
KTUKaunas Technology University
KTUKey Telephone Unit
KTUKorean Teachers Union (Republic of Korea)
KTUKorean Teachers and Education Workers Union
KTUKey Technical Uncertainty
KTUKorean Telephone Upgrade (Army)
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The KTU, which will mark the 30th anniversary of its foundation next week, has made efforts to improve the nation's education environment such as banning physical punishment at schools, prohibiting teachers from receiving gifts from parents and leading the movement for innovation in education.
Students of Koforidua Technical University (KTU), who are custodians of the premises by virtue of being students, were denied access to some areas of the compound, as a result of tight security measures.
However, the antimicrobial silicone developed at KTU is based on completely different technology and different materials.
The bone equivalent was created by collaborating groups of researchers at KTU, headed by Professor Jolanta Liesiene (faculty of chemical technology) and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, headed by Professor Gintaras Juodzbalis (face and jaw surgery clinic).
With the aim of making major improvements in distribution efficiency utilizing the existing distribution system infrastructure, Hitachi intends to work with LESTO and KTU on joint research using the latest high-temperature transmission lines(1), which are capable of considerably increasing network capacity using cables of the same diameter and weight as those currently used in Lithuania.
It will hereafter be referred to as KTU since it covers high mountains in parts of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda (KTU) including Mt.
KTU bakalauro studijose siekiama rengti architektus, suteikiant architekturos filosofijos, architekturos istorijos ir teorijos, paveldosaugos, menotyros, architekturos kompozicijos, urbanistikos, statybiniu konstrukciju ir medziagotyros, aplinkosaugos ir aplinkotvarkos ziniu, taip pat suteikiant pastatu bei urbanistiniu kompleksu projektavimo ir teritoriju planavimo igudziu; ugdant gebejimus analizuoti projektuojamo objekto ir aplinkos rysius.
KTU Statybos ir architekturos fakultetas, Statybos technologiju katedra [interaktyvus].
Incubation as a type-scene in the Aqhatu, Kirta, and Hannah stories; a form-critical and narratological study of KTU 1.14 I-1.15 III, 1.17 I-II, and 1 Samuel 1:1-2:11.
This study aims to determine the problems faced by students taking an online exam during a graduate degree program administered by the Distance Education Research and Application Center, KTU (Karadeniz Technical University).
A cocktail was held at the Coast Facilities of the Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) to celebrate the opening of the Slovakian Honorary Consulate General on Tuesday.