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KTULTulsa International Airport (ICAO Code)
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"Our kids played with their boys all the time, and played with them all day this last Saturday, we loved 'em," neighbor Stephen Wiseman told KTUL.
Walton told NewsOn6.com that Oquin "was a victim in her home, with a very high expectation of safety and privacy, and an intruder comes in and she was ready to deal with it and did so." Walton also praised the woman's quick response and said that "she certainly took care of business!" He hoped that such behavior by homeowners could deter future crime, and told NewsOn6.com that if "more of these ended like this we wouldn't have as many of these crimes." Walton also told KTUL News, "It was unfortunate for our intruder suspect that he didn't do a little bit more market research and learn whose door he was kicking in!"
"As it's going on, I'm like 'ugh, I wish I didn't let her get me to that point,'" Laja Jefferson, the former Walmart employee, told (http://ktul.com/news/local/viral-video-walmart-employee-fired-apologizes-after-argument-with-customer-goes-viral) KTUL , an ABC affiliate in Tulsa on Monday.
"We expect our associates to treat customers with respect at all times," the store said in a statement Monday to KTUL. "We do not tolerate actions like those seen in this video and the individual involved is no longer with the company."
According to a recent report by KTUL TV in Tulsa, tens of thousands of Hispanics have fled the area in anticipation of the law, which does not take effect until November 1.
Although Lance's condition is not known yet, his lawyer Jon Williford said Friday that Lance was alive,(http://ktul.com/news/offbeat/ex-oklahoma-inmate-sues-county-over-nearly-4-day-erection) KTUL ABC 8 reported.
A second report about the incident, issued by KTUL NewsChannel 8, indicated that the two wounded young men "were arrested at a local hospital where they were treated for gunshot wounds while 17-year-old Garrick Thomas was arrested at a separate location."
Baldwin, 44, has been in his position for six years, taking KTUL from the No.
Allbritton also owns KTUL-TV, Channel 8, the ABC affiliate in Tulsa, Okla., and the broadcast signals from KHBS/KHOG and KTUL overlap.
Nielsen ratings show that KTUL is "significantly viewed" in Fort Smith and northwest Arkansas.
"Information is essential to help young women understand that this is indeed a living human being, a developing baby," Tony Launinger, executive director of Oklahomans for Life, (http://ktul.com/news/local/plans-of-anti-abortion-signs-in-oklahomas-public-restrooms-sparks-controversy) told KTUL , Tulsa.