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KTWSKlippel Trenaunay Weber Syndrome
KTWSKrakowskie Towarzystwo Wedkarstwa Sportowego (Polish: Krakow Sports Fishing Association; Poland)
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(9) believed that an underlying mixed mesodermal and ectodermal dysplasia was responsible for development of KTWS. Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome might develop due to a single gene defect (Happle, 1993).
A new case of klippel-trenaunay-weber (KTW) syndrome: evidence of autosomal dominant inheritance.
Some authors suggest that KTW syndrome is caused by mesodermal abnormality during fetal development, leading to the maintenance of microscopic arteriovenous communications in the limb bud, as a result of which the triad of nevus, hypertrophy, and superficial varices is produced [3].
Recent studies establish VG5Q (angiogenic factor) as a susceptibility gene for KTW syndrome and show that increased angiogenesis is a molecular pathogenic mechanism of KTW syndrome [7].