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KUBKubota Corporation (Japan)
KUBKatholieke Universiteit Brabant
KUBKatholieke Universiteit Brussel (Dutch: Catholic University of Brussels; Brussels, Belgium)
KUBKelompok Usaha Bersama (Indonesian: Joint Business Group)
KUBKidney, Ureter, and Bladder
KUBKnoxville Utility Board
KUBKomanditine Ukine Bendrija (Lithuanian: Limited Partnership; Lithuania)
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Fellow MBPJ councillor Sean Oon, one of the councillors who was escorted out by auxiliary police from yesterday's meeting, said Mohd Azizi should also explain his decision in awarding the perfect plot ratio score to KUB.
At first they underwent sonography along with x-ray KUB and then IVU.
KUB provides electric, water, gas and wastewater services to more than 439,000 customers in the Greater Knoxville area including Knoxville and six surrounding counties.
Pariyawatra is known from several religious sources as well (e.g., KUB 45.47 i 40-41, ii 5-6, 10, iii 25, KBo 20.62 i 10'-11') with the same title DUMU.NITA SANGA as in this document.
It should be noted that the system previously had been deemed totally inadequate for this role, owing to the fact that the deployment time for S-75 was not less than two hours (and practically 6-8 hours), which was why the Krug and Kub programs had been started in the first place.
The maximum score would permit KUB to develop the entire plot, essentially exempting it from the council's green space requirements.
In KUB 5.1 ii 17, quoted in CHD L-N 9, n=as [.sup.URU]Lihaya=ma ...
kallikalli-: The Sumerogram should be read [SUR.sub.14] with HZL, not the obsolete "S[acute{U}]R." Puhvel's translation of KUB 19.20 rev.
The KUB Quatron short hold indexable insert drill with square indexable inserts was developed for difficult drilling conditions, higher feed rates and interrupted cuts.
Although scarcely any information is available concerning either individual, it is worth considering whether the Pi(ya)ssili mentioned in KUB 16.77 might be identical to his contemporary Ypsl named by Ramses II as an envoy from the king of Karkamis in his prologue to the Hittite treaty at Karnak.