KUGKey User Group
KUGKalido User Group (software group)
KUGKnown Unto God
KUGKaroo User Group (est. 2001; UK)
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The Kug, similar in size to a travel mug, is made up of two cups.
Its primary designation in the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database is KUG 2318+078, where KUG stands for the Kiso Ultraviolet Galaxy Catalogue.
This, as one of my teachers made clear, was meant to ensure that everyone realize that Kam gaafgow, kug gaafgow (You are suffering, I am suffering).
To keep matters brief and relevant, the main carve out that will be of concern to you is that under [section] 23(1) KUG in that images pertaining to contemporary history are free from consent and these will include images relating to professional sports.
Now Kug Sok Ung, the vice-Foreign Minister for Europe, has said Mr Slinn can visit the site after pressure from Mr Rammell.
KUG, reprinted in OSTERRIETH, supra note 80, at 161.
Seung Il Jeong (1), Kang Ju Kim (1), Yong Kug Choo (2), Kyung Soo Keum (3), Bong Kyu Choi (4), and Kyu Yong Jung (4)
Kug, "Decadal change in relationship between east Asian and WNP summer monsoons," Geophysical Research Letters, vol.
12, Gudea's actions are depicted explicitly as purification (kug), which the following line describes as involving fire.