KUHPKitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana (Indonesian: Book of Criminal Law)
KUHPKasih Uang Habis Perkara (Indonesian: Money Out the Love; film)
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Section 53 KUHP that states: (1) to attempt to commit crime shall be penalized, if the intention is obvious from the initiation of the act, and the incompletion of the act is not merely caused by his own wish; (2) the maximum penalty for the primefelony in term of attempt may be reduced with one third of the penalty; (3) if the crime is liable to death sentence and life imprisonment, the penalty to be imposed shall be 15 years of imprisonment; (4) the penalty for the subsidiary felony for the attempt is equal to the penalty for the completed crime.
The court found the midwife guilty of the crime (section 349 KUHP) and accordingly imprisoned her for 1 year and 6 months.
All three Mini, Yani and Amin were charged under Section 346 KUHP that states: "A woman who deliberately aborts or ends her pregnancy, or asks other persons to do it, is liable to a maximum imprisonment of 4 years" and Section 349 KUHP that states: (1) whoever deliberately aborts or ends a pregnancy of a woman on her approval, is liable to a maximum imprisonment of 5 years and 6 months.
Section 349 KUHP that states: "If a healer, traditional midwife, or expert in medicine helps in crime mentioned in section 346 and 348, the penalty determined in the section shall be added with one-third of it and shall be discharged from the position used to commit crime.
Three persons with different professions and positions were accused for a crime regarding the action of abortion that is regulated in the KUHP, i.e.