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KUKLKathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (water-management company; Nepal)
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Kukl's first big performance was at a festival in Iceland which was headlined by English anarchist punk band Crass, whose record label Crass Records offered the band a record deal.
I remember Kukl pitched a big tent in the garden and they all slept in there."
He also has one very distinct memory from the day when Kukl descended on his home.
Peyr would also provide the group KUKL, which Bjork would later join, with two of its members, Sigtryggur Baldursson and guitar player Guolaugur Kristinn Ottarsson (aka Godkrist).
These strands, then, of post-punk, anarchist punk, esoterica, and a fanzine culture that was engaging with a wide variety of philosophical and political thought were the milieu that the young Icelandic band KUKL was acting within and then recalibrating in terms of their own Icelandic experience.
KUKL took Crass and the heritage of punk, its traces of Situationism and sloganeering, and reprocessed them in the context of Icelandic culture and geography.
Yet, it is a sound that they are accustomed to only once every four days, as that is the gap in which KUKL is supplying water.
KUKL's solution to the problem is in the form of the water tankers regularly seen on the streets of the city.
However, "in the lack of proper funds, we have been unable to run the Pre-Melamchi project smoothly," says Tilak Mohan Bhandari, Acting Manager of KUKL. Still, "some works are undergoing."