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KULAKKatholieke Universiteit Leuven Afdeling Kortrijk (Dutch: Catholic University of Leuven Branch of Kortrijk)
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Gonullu olarak arastirmaya katilan bireylerde otoskopik muayene ve odyolojik degerlendirme sonrasi sistemik hastaligi bulunmayan, ototoksik ilac kullanimi, akustik travmaya maruziyet, gecirilmis kulak hastaligi ve soy gecmisinde ailesinde kalitsal kulak hastaligi bulunmayan isitmesi normal bireyler calisma kapsamina alinmistir.
Tablo 1: Fiziksel Istismar Bulgulari Deri Bulgulari Yaniklar Ekimozlar Siyrik ve laserasyonlar Isirik izleri Sac kaybi ?skelet Sistemi Bulgulari Kiriklar Goz-Kulak Bulgulari Retinal kanamalar Retina ve optik sinir dekolmani Kulak kepcesi, dis kulak ve ic kulak yaralanmalari Ic Organ Yaralanma Kafa travmasi Abdomen yaralanmalari Bulgulari Gogus yaralanmalari
The persistence of a "Stalinist culture" is probably most obvious in the persistent representation of the peasant world characterized by the presence of kulaks. The dishonorable social status of "kulak" was the most common object of the investigations, as most deportees had been exiled on this basis.
Better staging choices, such as in the Kulak work would help greatly--all very doable in small, chamber works like these.
However, Kulak et al reported a significant difference in chewing ability with two denture adhesives with PVM-MA based denture adhesive performing better in comparison to the CC based formulation.
The drive against "undesirable elements" and "enemies" of the Workers' State--real or imagined--was chiefly formulated under a policy known as de-kulakization, kulak being the Russian word for a wealthy peasant, the Ukrainian equivalent being kurkul.
That was one idea Jeff Kulak and Charlie Williams tossed like cooked spaghetti at the wall one day when they were spitballing ideas for startups based on the truncated style of naming used by Flickr, GrindrAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA and even Twitter in its early d
Although PTH declines rapidly in the early period after transplantation, about 25% of these individuals still have elevated PTH a year later even with the return of normal renal function and vitamin D metabolism (Kalantar-Zadeh et al., 2012; Kulak, Borba, Kulak, & Custodio, 2012).
Kaba Kulak Type Tobacco - BGN 1.58 per kg;Burley tobacco - BGN 1.15 per kg;Virginia tobacco - BGN 0.91 per kg;
CALGARY FLAMES -- Recalled D Brett Kulak from Colorado (ECHL) to Adirondack (AHL).
Jeff Kulak's illustrations add whimsy and colour to the book, which makes it even more enjoyable.