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KULTKeithley User Library Tool (computing)
KULTKnowledge Utilization through Learning Technologies (World Bank Institute)
KULTKult's Überleet Terrorists
KULTKennedy’s Uber5 L33t Terrorists
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En este caso, la prestigiosa editorial Akal, dentro de su coleccion Arte y estetica, ofrece al publico de lengua espanola la traduccion del original Bild und Kult. Eine Geschichte des Bildes von demZeitalter der Kunst, publicado en 1990.
This collection of 22 essays from 1953-1983, translated from the German Vom Kult zur Kultur published in 1996, introduces Taubes (1923-1987) not only as West Berlin's first postwar Jewish studies professor as also as a leading interdisciplinary intellectual who had also taught at American universities.
ReSource, Inc., Englewood, Colo., Contact Kult Boatright
Ertan Misirli's essay on Kult Kitap and Gulseli Inal's followon interview are especially noteworthy, as is the long, detailed conversation with Iskender Savasir and Orhan Kodak, in which Berk talks candidly about his early work, his subsequent departure into fresh forms, and some of the influences informing his creative development.
In addition to its Kult-insulated carafe, which can also be used to brew coffee, and Kult tea glass, with a metal base and handle, the company also recently introduced the tea thermometer and the tea strainer, as well as a teapot that includes a space for a votive candle to keep the brew warm.
Pang Yang, 21, was killed instantly when 25-year-old Benjamin Kult fired at her with his Glock handgun at his home in Nebraska.
MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT The Reincarnation of Luna (Sleazebox Records, Oct.