KUMCKansas University Medical Center
KUMCKorean United Methodist Church
KUMCKingswood United Methodist Church (various locations)
KUMCKansai University Mandolin Club (Kansai University; Japan)
KUMCKnightstown United Methodist Church (Indiana)
KUMCKanazawa University Mandolin Club (Kanazawa University; Japan)
KUMCKaneville United Methodist Church (Kaneville, IL)
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We would like to thank the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science and the Department of Occupational Therapy Education at KUMC for assisting in this research by providing databases containing the contact information of physical therapy and occupational therapy clinicians and clinical sites in the states of Kansas and Missouri.
KUMC Technology Transfer Office was sent a list of 70 carefully selected success characteristics representing the ideal attributes for a technology to be commercially successful.
KUMC has been without a heart program since it was closed down in 1995 after an investigation found that it had failed to perform a transplant over a 10 month period despite turning organs away while adding patients to the waiting list.
For more about Voran and the KUMC intranet, see the article on page 14.
It is the intent of KUMC to permit competitive bidding.
She is currently a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine, director of the cytogenetics laboratory, and director of the Pathology Residency Program at KUMC.
Online Mendelian Inheritance OMIM in Man, catalog of genetic disorders University of Kansas Genetic KUMC Education Center ORGANIZATION WEBSITE http:// Alliance of Genetic www.
TeleKidcare makes use of interactive television systems located in school health offices to let school nurses interact with KUMC physicians to provide consultations for sick children; it incorporates a digital otoscope and an electronic stethoscope.
The pilot, school-based project linked four inner-city elementary schools with doctors at KUMC using PC-based videoconferencing systems running at 128 Kbps.