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KUPKyushu University Press (Japan)
KUPKeep You Posted (text messaging)
KUPKodansha USA Publishing (Tokyo, Japan)
KUPKorea United Pharm. Inc. (Seoul, South Korea)
KUPK Uptake Permease (biochemistry)
KUPKriminologie und Praxis (German: Criminology and Practice; government publication)
KUPKassel University Press (Germany)
KUPKhmer Unity Party (Cambodia)
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The KUP accounts had been frozen after money was wired to wrong accounts.
Achar explained that freezing the account followed the Sh1 billion KUP fund that was wired into a wrong account.
In a similar fashion, KUP president Khem Rithiseth said on Monday that his party will review the charges against prisoners of conscience, especially Kem Sokha.
"To be in Las Vegas amongst so many inspiring people is incredible and I hope the Kettle Kup has caught the attention of people who want to save precious minutes each day." The portable kettle gives you hot water anywhere, any time.
The trainer has done well with similar types in the past and Prince Kup won't have much to beat.
The Kodu Kup was developed to offer UK school children, aged between seven and 14, the opportunity to design a new computer game, using Kodu technology.
The Kord Kup will be easy to implement with a variety of different electrical connections and will be made from durable materials.
Stella Foster, the one-time secretary who went on to replace her boss Irv 'Kup' Kupcinet as Chicago Sun-Times celebrity columnist after his death in 2003, was the first journalist to report the passing of comedian and actor Bernie Mac.
Pee Wee Juniors 10th - 7th Kup: 1 Hassan Shauket (Phantom Tiger), 2 Mohsin Pasha (Gaya), 3 Eesah Ahmad (Gaya).
In its first grading, examiner Paul Cook promoted Shebina Begum and Shamima Begum to yellow belt (eighth kup) and Tayyaba Iqbal, Maryam Iqbal and Thuwieba Mohamed to yellow tags (ninth kup).
Learn about the lowly janitor whose cousin Hoover helped patent and manufacture one of his most inventive devices, and the evolution of the Health Kup to the more attractive Dixie Cup.