KUQKompetenz Und Qualifikation (German: Competence and Qualification)
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The aim of KUQ, he added, is only to promote the local talent and provide literary people with a platform to present and share their work with others.
He thanked the organisers and KUQ members for inviting him and pledged his support in future as well.
KUQ is also planning to hold a grand session on Qatar National Day in December, where they would invite poets from India and Pakistan.
Speaking at the occasion, Aleem recited a few couplets from Allama Iqbal's poetry and praised KUQ for its efforts in organising such sessions.
Azim Abbas said Atiq Anzar, KUQ president, was a "dedicated and active personality" and wished him success in taking KUQ ahead.
I am always with KUQ, [helping] with whatever I can do.
Anzar said KUQ was formed with an open mind and everybody is invited to use this platform for the promotion of Urdu language and to present their work.