KUSZKwan Um School of Zen
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(19.) For the published version of this, see Veronika Kusz, Dohnanyi amerikai evei [Dohnanyi's American years] (Budapest: Rozsavolgyi.
Kusz D., Gydek S., Kata R., 2015."Egzogeniczne uwarunkowania inwestycji w rolnictwie polskim", in: Czyzewski, A., Klepacki, B.
Marketing director Diane Kusz helped avert a public relations nightmare by involving the community in the solution -- she decided to put the fish up for adoption.
Kusz, "Coordination studies of 5,6-diphenyl-3-(2-pyridyl)-1, 2,4-triazine towards [Cu.sup.2+] cation.
Harry Kusz, 36, was said to have acted like a Pied Piper and lured the children with his dogs.
Bridgewater State senior guard Rachel Kusz of Worcester was named MASCAC Player of the Week.
North Lincoln Fire spokesman Jim Kusz said this type of incident is rare.
The founding members of the research group-researchers of different fields of musicological research-are Peter Bozo (operetta), Veronika Kusz (Erno Dohnanyi's oeuvre), Adam Ignacz (pop music) and myself (history of music interpretation and history of the recording industry in Hungary) as well as the librarian Hajnalka Hanvay.
Participants in these sports allegedly sought risks, thrills, and new skills and subscribed to an "outsider identity relative to the organized sports establishment" (Kusz, 2007, p.
Rachel Kusz 4 0 12, Megan Boutilette 6 3 15, Vanesa Conceicao 5 0 11, Jennie Lindland 2 2 6, Chanelle Melton 2 2 6, Chelsea Saucier 3 0 6, Melissa Daigle 1 1 3, Christina Jaros 0.