KVDCKaw Valley Dulcimer Club (Topeka, KS)
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Mumbai's suburban section, however, continued to be operated on the old 1.5 KVDC system.
Piotrowski also said the OMNIA Series rack-mountable automated instruments can perform the full suite of electrical safety testing: hipot (5 kVAC, 6 kVDC), insulation-resistance (up to 1,000 VDC and 50 G[OMEGA]), and point-to-point continuity (up to 10 k[OMEGA]) testing as well as ground-bond testing (up to 40 AAC).
Apart from the higher isolation of up to 10 kVDC, it was also possible to reduce the winding capacitance by a factor of three down to 20 pF.
Contract notice: Examination of extruded cables with a voltage of 525 kvdc.
The module's insulation system is guaranteed to withstand >2.7 kVDC between the mounting panel and the line (L) or neutral (N) conductors and >1.7 kVDC between L and N.
Offering primary-to-secondary isolation of up to 7 KVDC, the 4283-1200 Series is ideal for applications requiring a high-voltage, low-power signal.
Input-to-output isolation of 3 kVDC is standard across the range.
With high isolation characteristics, up to 5.2 kVDC, the MGJ1 offers the popular nominal output voltage combinations of +15 / -5, +15 / -9, or +19 / -5 VDC.
* An isolation voltage between the coil and contact of over 7 kVDC.
The flyback 4283-1200 Series offers primary-to-secondary isolation of up to 7 kVDC and the ability to drive impedance loads requiring up to 2,000 VDC.
This method has the advantage of a very compact sized transformer that, despite the small size, can withstand 3.0 kVDC isolation testing.