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KVIPKumasi Ventilated-Improved Pit (sanitation facility; Ghana)
KVIPKhmer Voice in Poetry (est. 1995)
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The negation of replacement by retroflex s will occur because a sasth[I.bar]tatpurusa compound will be formed after having provided the affix kvip following the causative of the root sic without an upapada.
Eighty percent of respondents used the KVIP at Mayera, 97% of respondents at Tetegu resorted to open defecation, and 57% of respondents also used the pit latrine at Ashongman community.
The Fanteakwa North District Coordinator further mentioned the construction of 1 number three (3) unit KG classroom block with office, store, three (3) seater KVIP toilet, two cubicle urinal and hand washing facility for Begoro Zion Primary School.
Adane Ankomah, has commissioned a 20-seater Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit (KVIP) and a borehole facility for the Kokoa District.
And, so far, the area can boast of a renovated Gravity Water System, which generates 24,000 gallons of excess water, health centre, nurses' quarters, renovation of old school blocks, and the construction of a Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit (KVIP), all by dint of self-help.
Interestingly, health centres that have washroom facilities had converted them into store and record keeping rooms because of irregular or no access to water and as a result KVIP will be provided as the alternative.
6-Unit Classroom Block with 4-Seater KVIP at Akrodie; expansion of the School Feeding Programme from 16 to 28 Schools; 150 newly posted teachers to the Municipality to augment the existing teaching staff.
She maintains feeder roads in the villages, pays teachers who are not on the government payroll, feeds schoolchildren and repairs boreholes and sanitation facilities such as the Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pits (KVIPs).