KVLQTPotassium Channel, Voltage-Gated, KQT-Like Subfamily
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Jeffrey Noebels, the study's senior author and director of the Blue Bird Circle Developmental Neurogenetics Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine, they have identified a particular potassium channel KvLQT in neurons of the central nervous system.
(14) The most commonly involved genes are CDKN1C ([p57.sup.KIP2]), H19, IGF-II, and KVLQT. There have been no major analyses of how frequently these molecular alterations are observed in PMD, but it is thought that, in PMD without fetal anomalies, the underlying 11p15 abnormality is confined to the placenta.
After 24 hr exposure, Zn induced significant changes in the gene expression of Kv4.2 and KvLQt (potassium channel proteins), the [[alpha].sub.1] subunit of the L-type calcium channel, and Cx43, as well as IL-6 and IL-1[alpha].