KWDTKrishna Water Disputes Tribunal (est. 1969; India)
KWDTKnowle West Development Trust (Bristol, UK)
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It is, thereby, pointed out that the KWDT award chose to draw upon a narrow legacy of positive law, formal rules, simple quantification and most significantly a "onedimensional" engineering world view of the river--conceived only as a carrier of cubic feet of water.
Put differently, D'Souza is arguing that the KWDT, by operating principally as a legal process, rather than settling the Krishna dispute through notions such as "equitable apportionment", ended up reproducing and entrenching a series of social, political and economic contradictions in its ruling.
Thus, the author appears to indicate that many sorts and types of fictions make for the fragile and feeble conceptual foundations of the KWDT award and, by implication, perhaps, the case may not be very different with other such tribunal decisions on water disputes.