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According to Meralco, this month's rate hike will push up its overall tariff for December to P10.1803 per kWh from the previous month's P10.0901 per kwh.
After more than 16 years of electricity production, data which we display on Inn Serendipity's website (, we've found that the PV generates about 800 kWhs per year, and the wind turbine about 10,000 kWhs per year, making us net producers of renewable energy by about 2,000 to 3,000 kWhs per year.
Those owning renewable power generation facilities in turn receive RECs--usually one REC for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of renewable energy generated--and may sell these to other utilities who need to meet the RPS requirements.
The metrics of the Cub Foods installation as measured and verified by ControlTec for calendar year 2012 include saving 230,154 kWhs or $18,412.26 and 162 metric tons of CO2.
With the new lighting and other policies the firm has put in place, its annual electrical usage has reduced from nearly 4.5 million KWhs to under two million KWhs, a saving of about PS250,000 a year.
(An excellent member of our Club, we will always miss you on marking nights.) KWHS.
The system combines wirelessly networked intelligent LED fixtures with LightRules lighting management software to provide Ardo UK with massive energy savings--more than 795,656 kWhs of lighting and refrigeration annually--while eliminating more than 427.7 metric tons of CO2.
* Cost to produce--You can also determine the cost to produce a kilowatt hour (kWh) with your solar project by dividing the estimated kWhs that will be generated over 25 years by the initial project cost.
The project will produce more than 270,000 kWhs of electricity per year--enough to power about 45 percent of the Transit Division's energy needs.
These kWhs are exactly the same as those you pay for on your electricity bill.