KXMKobex Minerals, Inc. (stock symbol; Canada)
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In the comparisons, the input parameters are: the discretization spacing is 4 mils for both MoM and BBGFL, the BBGFL uses [M.sub.o] = 20 for both kxm and kyn.
The 10 birds in the first group (KX) were anesthetized with a combination of ketamine hydrochloride (15 mg/kg IM) and xylazine hydrochloride (2.5 mg/kg IM), and those in the second group (KXM) received midazolam (0.3 mg/kg IM) added to the same ketamine-xylazine protocol.
The only adverse reaction observed in the birds from group KXM was regurgitation (n = 2).
The onset of anesthesia was longer in birds from group KX than in those from group KXM, but the difference was not statistically significant (P > .05).
Cloacal temperatures were not significantly different between the birds in group KX and group KXM (P > .05); however, in each group, cloacal temperatures progressively decreased over time.
The longer duration of recumbency in group KXM of anesthetized guinea fowl may not be acceptable in clinical settings, because this would require additional patient monitoring.
(4) In this study, there was no significant difference in the heart rate between group KX and group KXM of the anesthetized guinea fowl, although there was a progressive decrease in the heart rates among birds in both groups.
Ballantyne Strong Inc (NYSE MKT: BTN), a holding company with diverse business activities focused on serving the cinema, retail, financial and government markets, announced on Friday that as of 19 May 2016, it had acquired indirectly ownership of an aggregate of 5,489,500 common shares of Kobex Capital Corp (TSX-V: KXM; OTCQB: KBXMF) on the TSX-V market.