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KYKentucky (US postal abbreviation)
KYKY Jelly (lubricant)
KYCayman Islands (ISO country code, top level domain)
KYKerry (Irish county code)
KYKirkcaldy (postcode, United Kingdom)
KYKvalificerad Yrkesutbildning (form of education in Sweden)
KYKarat Yellow Gold
KYKapustin Yar (cosmodrome)
KYKauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunta (Helsinki School of Economics; Student Union)
KYKeying Device
KYKilo Years (scientific data)
KYLinhas Aereas, Sao Tome and Principe (IATA airline code)
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While Myatt's paintings - despite being created with a blend of Dulux emulsion paint and KY Jelly - are perfect replicas, Anderson's work is characterised by changes to the originals.
That referendum night I was sittin' on me kangaroo pouch wiv me cheese and kisses watching the KY Jelly, and I said to 'er, I said, 'This is all gonna end in Britney Spears, as sure as God's my Jehovah's'.
The single parent, struggling to make ends meet, got to work copying famous paintings with materials as basic as KY Jelly and household emulsion.
He began copying famous paintings with materials as basic as KY jelly and household emulsion yet fooled art experts thanks to his extraordinary talent.
A layer of KY Jelly is applied to the probe which is the pressed firmly against the lesion.
Lubricants that were most toxic to the epithelial tissue (Gynol II, KY Jelly and Replens) also tended to damage "good" bacteria called lactobacillus, which is needed to maintain a healthy genital tract.
Unable to free her by greasing her head with margarine, RSPCA inspector Herchran Boal took the cat to the charity's animal hospital at Barnes Hill, where she was finally extricated after an hour with KY jelly. Mr Boal said: "The use of margarine was impossible and I knew I was going to need help.
Out of these MSM using a lubricant with their last partner, 54% used a gel (such as KY jelly), 9% used a Vaseline or oil, 13% used a cream and 24% had used saliva.
Have some Vaseline or KY Jelly to put on the thermometer; this makes its insertion more comfortable for the dog.
Breaks, slips and lubrication WHen it comes to lubrication , stick to KY Jelly and don't use baby oil.
Earlier, the prosecution tendered as evidence various items including body and rectal swabs taken from Saiful, a tube of lubricants (KY Jelly), clothing such as a grey brief and a pair of black slacks that Saiful wore on the day of the alleged crime.