KYTCKentucky Transportation Cabinet
KYTCKent Youth Trial Club (Motorcycle Club, England)
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What's more they were happy to receive staff members of KYTC even if the students couldn't make it.
To improve the quality of these facilities and services while using transportation dollars more efficiently, KYTC embarked on a journey more than 10 years ago that focuses on customer service, visionary leadership, performance measurement, and management by fact (that is, measuring and analyzing performance data to guide decisionmaking).
Extremely important to our extensive meetings," Raymer says, "was the inclusion of decisionmakers from INDOT, KYTC, and FHWA sitting side by side with State historic preservation officers from Indiana and Kentucky, local government officials, and representatives of several Native Indian tribes, preservation groups, and concerned citizens.
In September 2003, FHWA issued the record of decision (ROD), the final step in the project's environmental review process, which represents FHWA's final decision on what and where to build, based on recommendations from KYTC and INDOT.
INDOT [Indiana DOT], KYTC [Kentucky Transportation Cabinet], and the FHWA project manager all benefited by visiting the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project," he says.
As the public involvement process began, the citizens advisory committee and affected neighborhood residents requested that the project fund a community liaison employed by the project itself, not by the county government, KYTC, or FHWA.