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KZ2Killzone 2 (video game)
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I have been competing in the European KZ2 championships, but some bad luck with mechanical failures and the odd crash only saw me taking a 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th in the finals after leading and finishing top three in previous heats over those weekends," he explained.
Chamberlain's new role will see the Newport-born driver move to Italy to help develop Luxor's chassis and he will spearhead the team's joint campaign in the CIK-FIA European KF2 Championship and the CIK-FIA KZ2 World Cup "Everybody at Luxor is passionate to win and they are looking for titles," enthused Chamberlain, whose first task will be to master the fearsomely powerful KZ2 gearbox kart, capable of speeds upwards of 100mph.
Last season was the team's best in its 10 year history winning the KZ2 World Championship (with Italian driver Roberto Toninelli) and hopefully in 2012 we can make another big step forward and win a lot more titles," he added.
678) Lab Hearth number ID Wk9994 CN H 42 Wk12322 CN H 34 Wk12323 CN H 35 Wk12324 CN H 36 Wk12326 KZ2 H 25 Wk12325 CN H 56 Wk9995 KZ1 H 2 Wk10282 CN H 55 Wk 10280 CN H 23 Wk10832 KZ1 H 7 Wk12320 CN H 25 Wk12319 CN H 24 Wk12321 CN H 33 Wk10281 CN H 32 Wk9993 CN H 7 Wk10831 KZ1 H 3 Table 11.
Between January and February 2002 the recording of artefact distributions along Pine Creek was completed and artefact recording was commenced at the KZ2 sampling area along Rantyga Creek (Figure 2).
They are relatively new to the world of karting, having been established in 1997, but in this short time they have racked up impressive results and most recently were crowned KZ2 (a kart-racing event) world champions, with Dorian Boccolacci driving.