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KZOKantonsschule Zürcher Oberland (German school)
KZOKleinfluggerät Zielortung (German army unmanned air vehicle)
KZOKoninklijke Zwanenberg-Organon (Dutch: Royal Zwanenberg organisation; since 1967 Koninklijke Zout-Organon)
KZOKoninklijke Zout–organon (Dutch: Royal silk organisation; now: AKZO)
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Aquaculture Project: Comparison to KZO Sea Farms and Platform Grace
The TBE Prospector ISR drone was likewise to be based on the KZO, but neither the Thunder nor the Prospector won orders.
The Wabep system of systems consists of a Rheinmetall KZO drone and the Israel Aerospace Industries Harop attack drone.
The idea is to use the established KZO recce drone in conjunction with the new IAI Harop in a tandem known as Wapeb.
The German contingent already deploys the KZO and some smaller drones (see Drone Update, Armada 1/2010, page 26).