KZPKidney Zn Peptidase (biological chemistry)
KZPKawasaki KZ1000P (motorcycle model)
KZPKurzweil Computer Products, Incorporated
KZPKlub Zena Pakrac (Croatian women's club)
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According to the court, by attaching labels in a foreign language only and without translation into Bulgarian the retailer hadnat provided adequate information to consumers that the devices they were buying werenat brand-new, KZP said in a statement on Tuesday.
The transliteration of aRefurbisha in Cyrillic script on the label is unclear to the Bulgarian reader, according to the KZP.
KZP Group signed two contracts with buyers from India and Pakistan at Gulfood 2015, which is one of the region's biggest food and hospitality trade shows.
As a result, when a consumer wants to terminate the agreement due to poor quality of service, for instance, or defective performance on the part of the supplier, or an inability of the mobile operator to provide services following a change of address, etc, the consumer is obliged to pay an excessive penalty to the mobile operator, according to a media statement of KZP.
KZP is bringing collective actions against the three mobile operators, seeking that the provisions be declared null and void.
KZP member Alexander Maslarski claimed in an interview for the bTV TV channel that Zlatev had bought a luxury official car and had dropped a complaint against a major retail chain without consulting its members.
KZP then filed two collective actions for unfair trading practices.
A check conducted by KZP has shown that the violations have recurred after a similar scenario unfolded in the beginning of 2011 with the"SMS for Millions" gambling game.
KZP Chair Veselin Zlatev explained that the new paper would not affect the cost or the taste of cigarettes.
KZP was without a permanent leader for about a month, after the previous, long-time Chair, Damyan Lazarov, resigned under Borisov's pressure.
KZP say they have no authority to investigate cartel practices.
KZP announced the information Friday, reporting they have also mandated the company to stop the distribution of their ad for the Barum Polaris automobile tires.