KZPKidney Zn Peptidase (biological chemistry)
KZPKawasaki KZ1000P (motorcycle model)
KZPKlub Zena Pakrac (Croatian women's club)
KZPKurzweil Computer Products, Incorporated
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the ruling of the Supreme Court of 20 September 2007, I KZP 26/07, http://www.
the ruling of the Supreme Court of 8 March 2007, I KZP 30/06, http://www.
Volobuev said that KZP Group, which operates in 70 countries worldwide, "makes much more profit because of the cheap rouble.
KZP Group signed two contracts with buyers from India and Pakistan at Gulfood 2015, which is one of the region's biggest food and hospitality trade shows.
According to the court, by attaching labels in a foreign language only and without translation into Bulgarian the retailer hadnat provided adequate information to consumers that the devices they were buying werenat brand-new, KZP said in a statement on Tuesday.
KZP is bringing collective actions against the three mobile operators, seeking that the provisions be declared null and void.
KZP then filed two collective actions for unfair trading practices.
The "SMS for Millions" game, held in the period September 20, 2010 - January 31, 2011, also involved text-message spam distributed by the three telecom operators, an aggressive commercial practice banned by orders issued by the KZP Chair.
KZP was without a permanent leader for about a month, after the previous, long-time Chair, Damyan Lazarov, resigned under Borisov's pressure.
The Commission believes the Metro brochures advertise products that are not offered for sale by the company or list product details which do not correspond to the brochure's description, both deemed by KZP misleading for the consumers and harmful for the competition.
Tenders are invited for Upgradation / improvement of various link roads taking off from KZP road in KM 8th, 9th and 10th by way of P/L 75mm thick wet mix (in sunken portion) 50mm thick bituminous macadam and 25mm thick compacted semidense with 6mm thick seal coat (Machine m