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KZTKazakhstan Tenge (ISO currency code)
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The weighted average US dollar rate based on results of the morning and afternoon sessions made up KZT 323.
The authorities also face the challenge of addressing the exchange rate misalignment of the KZT, in the wake of the sharp fall in the oil price and the collapse of the RUB.
The volume of investments totaled 50 billion KZT in North Kazakhstan province, 27 billion KZT in Akmola province and 19.
Chinese yuan weighted average rate with settlements T+0 in tenge made up KZT 51.
On June 29 HSBK repurchased a total of 150 million preferred shares for KZT 27 billion.
In particular, Steppe Cement's average ex-works price decreased 9% YoY to KZT 8,781/t in 1H16, while in USD terms the ex-works prices declined 51% YoY to USD 26/t.
The industrial park territory involves implementation and planned implementation of 54 projects with an investment volume of 147 billion KZT, including 21 projects that have already been launched, 17 facilities that are under construction and 16 facilities at the design stage," said the mayor.
Summary: Halyk Bank has reported its FY15 IFRS results, with earnings of KZT 120bn up 5% YoY and implying ROE of 24%.
Mr Kelimbetov, however, noted that there are no macroeconomic prerequisites so far for the depreciation of the KZT against the USD.
The price of AI-92 gasoline will decrease from 128 KZT to 115 KZT per liter (181.
Net income was impacted by the KZT 4bn one-off write-down of obsolete fixed assets and inventory, and to a lesser extent supported by a revaluation of the FX-denominated cash pile (and, hence, an FX gain).