KZZKomisioneve Zgjedhore Zonale (Albanian: Zonal Election Commissions)
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Hydrostructural approach points out a quasi-isotropic hydraulic conductivity tensor with Kxx and Kyy slightly lower than Kzz. An average anisotropic rate (Kxx + Kyy/2Kzz) can be valuated around 0.5.
The formulation of the proposed KZZ correlation for SCE is presented in Section 3.
This investigation proposes a SCE technique that uses KZZ horizontal cross correlation (KZZ-HXC) to determine the relative rotation ([DELTA][[theta].sub.s]) between the present and past LIDAR scan.
Hence, the proposed SCE methodology uses two types of KZZ cross correlation technique namely (i) KZZHXC for rotation and (ii) KZZ-VXC for translation estimation respectively.
In the SCE operation, the identification step involves the detection of common features among two successive scans using the proposed KZZ. The key idea of KZZ is a zero in the past scan and non-zero in the current scan indicates a new feature, whereas a non-zero in the past scan and a zero in the current scan indicate an old feature.
The rotation angle between two LIDAR scans can be determined by minimizing KZZ horizontal cross correlation coefficient ([H.sub.c]) over the discrete search space (K) as in (8).
The KZZ based vertical correlation coefficient ([V.sub.c]) can be calculated using (14) for each element ([l.sub.s]) over this user defined search space (L).