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KLHKeyhole Limpet Hemocyanin
KLHKementerian Lingkungan Hidup (Indonesian: Institutional Ministry of Environment; Indonesia)
KLHKantor Lingkungan Hidup (Indonesia Office of Environment)
KLHKnight of the Legion of Honour
KLHKorea Light Helicopter
KLHKloss, Lowe and Hoffman (audio equipment brand)
KLHKa Lahui Hawaii
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And, while several Hawaiian families claim rights to the throne, Ka Lahui Hawaii has already chosen.
Perhaps the best example of this is Ka Lahui Hawaii ("the nation of Hawaii"), an entity headed by attorney Mililani Trask that has enrolled 12,000 citizens since its founding by 250 Hawaiian delegates at a constitutional convention in 1987.
In addition, because Ka Lahui Hawaii would have taxing power, it could create tax incentives for local firms that want to do business on its lands.