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Ancan said Dominador became a communist ideologue when she joined the leftist youth organization Kabataang Makabayan in 1999, and became a full-pledged communist member after she was designated secretary of NPA Guerilla Front 51 operating in the provinces of Davao del Sur and North Cotabato.
Sison recalled that when Kabataang Makabayan, the youth group that he founded in the 1960s, and other legal mass organizations went underground because of the Marcos dictatorship, they helped to spread the CPP and the NPA nationwide and made them stronger.
A few months later, he was recruited into Kabataang Makabayan ("Nationalist Youth'), part of the outlawed NDF.
In Sorsogon City, more than 300 members of Kabataang Makabayan gathered in front of Camp Salvador Escudero, where the provincial police headquarters is located, and demanded an end to the killing of farmers.
These individuals - collectively dubbed as "Barangay Binay" - are composed of former revolutionary leaders of Martial Law-era leftist groups such as the Katipunan ng mga Samahan ng Manggagawa (KASAMA), Kabataang Makabayan (KM), Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan (SDK) and other pro-democracy associations under the umbrella of the Movement for Democratic Philippines (MDP).
But apparently they were infiltrated by the Kabataang Makabayan who, with some students, started the violence.
My adverse attitude towards FVR was reinforced when secret members of the Kabataang Makabayan in the cadet corps of the Philippine Military Academy reported to me that he reprimanded a cadet for asking questions critical of the US when he was a guest speaker in a forum at the PMA in 1965 or thereabouts.
Taruc's letters led me to admire the single-mindedness of Jose Maria Sison and Satur Ocampo, my contemporaries who carried their student activism in the Kabataang Makabayan (KM) to the National Democratic Front.
They were also Bedans who joined activist group Kabataang Makabayan.
Antonio 'Tony' Robles, son of a Manila police colonel, organized a Kabataang Makabayan chapter in Balut, Tundo (the original spelling of Tondo), and the 'Pagpapatuloy ng Rebolusyong 1896 Anak-Dalita' whose members were from the urban poor.
Filio was a student in Ateneo de Davao when he joined the Left-leaning Kabataang Makabayan.
In an interview before the services, martial law survivor Gerry Socco, who was picked up with several Kabataang Makabayan activists in a safe house while in hiding, illegally detained for seven months without charges and physically tortured repeatedly, admitted that he could not 'move on' 44 years after martial law because up to now there is no apology from the Marcoses and that 'they have not returned the enormous wealth' that they allegedly stole.