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"One time, while enroute from Kabul to Kandahar, I was tasked as a US Dollar Courier carrying $100,000.
He later enlisted in the Army and during the Afghan Campaign was part of General Roberts' famous march from Kabul to Kandahar.
Two sections of national highways were selected for maintenance because of their economic and strategic importance: (i) Kabul to Jalalabad Highway from Surubi to Jalalabad and (ii) the Kabul to Kandahar Highway from Kabul to Ghazni.
Two Koreans were killed and the rest of the volunteers were released 42 days after they were captured during a bus tour from Kabul to Kandahar After the hostage scandal, the Korean church that sent its volunteers to Afghanistan came under fire for pushing for the mission trip at the expense of those volunteers' lives.
Najibullah who recently travelled by road from Kabul to Kandahar says fighting in Zabul province interrupted the journey.
The buses were traveling one behind the other from Kabul to Kandahar when the accident happened, according to Mohammadullah Ahmadi, director of the provincial traffic department.
Jawid Salangi, a spokesman for the governor of Ghazni said two buses, carrying some 125 passengers from Kabul to Kandahar in southern Afghanistan crashed into the tanker, which was travelling in the opposite direction, setting off a fire that quickly engulfed all three vehicles.
The 205th Atal Military Corps convoy was traveling from Kabul to Kandahar province, he said.
The domestic services will operate from Kabul to Herat on a daily basis, and thrice a week from Kabul to Kandahar.
There is always news on Daikondi radio that many passengers on the way from Kabul to Kandahar and Herat have been killed indiscriminately.
General Sir Frederick Roberts VC, known to an adoring public as Lord Bobs, led 10,000 troops over 300 miles in 23 days, a feat celebrated in legend as "From Kabul to Kandahar."
The Afghans then laid siege to Kandahar and, realising that speed and surprise was needed to overcome their adversaries, General Frederick Roberts marched 10,000 men 320 miles in 20 days from Kabul to Kandahar.