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KADEKCongress for Freedom and Democracy in Kurdistan
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Scenes unfold in a dreamlike fashion as the warrior King Sawerigading (Kadek Tegeh Okta WM) enacts the passion for his twin sister, We Tenriabeng (Ascafeony Daengtanang Maladjong), that threatens the stability of the middle kingdom inhabited by humans.
THE day I met Kadek he was sitting on the well-worn black saddle of his 50cc Yamaha, shades perched on his nose and obligatory Djarum smouldering on his bottom lip.
Early in 2002, the PKK even changed its name to the Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress (KADEK), which indicated a new, more moderate stance.
He singles out the PKK and its "aliases", the Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress (Kadek) and the Kurdistan People's Congress (Kongra Gel).
The last few years have seen some improvements thanks partly to a ceasefire since 1999 between the Turkish army and the insurgents of the PKK (recently renamed the Kurdish Congress for Freedom and Democracy, or KADEK).
Several militant organisations have carried out violent attacks in Turkey in recent years, including the Kurdistan Workers' Party and its successor KADEK. Leftist guerrilla groups are also active.
Since then it has been largely inactive, retreating into mountain strongholds over the border in northern Iraq, and changing its name to KADEK, having long abandoned Marx and its original goal of breaking off the southeast to create an independent Kurdish state.
A new movement, the Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress (Kadek) has now been established to campaign for the freedom of the Kurdish people.
FILE- Ahmad Abousamra also known as Abu Sulayman ash-Shami 2.Baraa Kadek Syrian journalist Baraa Kadek, also known as Rayan Meshaal -- founder of the IS-affiliated Amaq News Agency, which is the first point of publication for the group's claims of responsibility for attacks -- was killed on June 1, 2017 by military intervention against IS in Mayadin, Syria.
"Demokratik Cumhuriyet ve Baris Projesi" kararinin alindigi bu kongrede; PKK'nin ismi KADEK, ARGK'nin adi Halk Savunma Gucleri (Hezen Parastina Gel-HPG), ERNK'nin adi Demokratik Halk Birligi'ne donusturulmustur.