KAIFAKansas Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
KAIFAKentucky Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
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Kaifa generates an extraordinary amount of its revenue from making and selling hard disk drives to Seagate.
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But New Zealand staged a spirited second-half fightback, cutting the gap to just four points with the aid of tries from wingers Kaifa Faifai Loa and Jason Nightingale before Australia clinched victory through Darius Boyd and Akuila Uate.
Beale this time managed to cleanly palm the ball back from Foran's kick and Mannering combined with Nightingale and Beale to keep the ball alive and get winger Kaifa Faifai Loa over for his first Test try.
Xibu kaifa zongti guihua zhongqi pinggu" [A mid-term evaluation of the overall plan to develop the west].
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We try to get schools to understand you can build it, but there's so much more involved in the process," said Kaifa Anderson-Hall, program director.
In 1999 Chinese policymakers signaled a significant departure from prior regional development policies by announcing Xibu Da Kaifa, also known as the Great Western Development Strategy (GWDS).
In 1999, Jiang Zemin, then China's paramount leader, announced xibu da kaifa, or the Great Western Extraction, which would transfer huge volumes of water from Tibet into the Yellow River.
See Fagai Wei: Guojia Zhengzai Yanjiu Zhiding Xin de Xibu Da Kaifa Zhengce [NDRC: The Nation is Researching Instituting a New "Develop the West" Policy], Xinhua News, June 25, 2009, http://news.
Friday in Lilou Iron Mine run by Anhui Kaifa Mining Co.
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