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KSKansas (US postal abbreviation)
KSKyrgyzstan (international vehicle registration)
KSKey Stage (level of UK state education)
KSRepublic of Korea
KSKorean (Industrial) Standards
KSKitchen Sink
KSKevin Smith (movie director)
KSKeyboard Stand (various companies)
KSKama Sutra
KSKatsoa (Finnish: see, look)
KSKamehameha Schools (Honolulu, HI)
KSKatawa Shoujo (visual novel)
KSKnock Sensor (automotive)
KSKaposi's Sarcoma (common neoplastic complication in patients with AIDS)
KSKorean Standard
KSKommunenes Sentralforbund (Norwegian municipal organization)
KSKiefer Sutherland (actor)
KSKilling Spree (gaming)
KSKolbenschmidt (Germany)
KSKinki Sharyo (Japan)
KSKlinefelter Syndrome
KSKimber Select (cable; various locations)
KSKill Steal (gaming tactic)
KSKeratan Sulfate
KSKelly-Springfield (.50 cal ammunition headstamp)
KSKabuki Syndrome
KSKappa Sigma Fraternity
KSKato Seisakusho (Japan)
KSKiaSu (Singlish)
KSKnight Star
KSKnee Slapper
KSKnee Society
KSKindred of Sages
KSKol Simcha (Klezmer dance group)
KSKilimanjaro Safaris
KSKenzo Suzuki (wrestler)
KSKitchen Stadium (Iron Chef TV show)
KSKing's Scholar
KSKing's Scholar (Eton College)
KSKeratitis Sicca (ophthalmology; form of eye inflammation)
KSKLUB SPORT (sport club)
KSKool Skools (Australian music competition)
KSKnight Spec (Priston Tale)
KSKept Son (adoption)
KSKick Snapper (football; center on FG attempts)
KSKearny Standard
KSKonsekai:Swordwaltzer (webcomic)
KSKreative Software
KSPilotless Aircraft for Attack on Ship Targets (US Navy)
KSFuel Tanker/Anti-Submarine Aircraft designation
KSKnown Shippable
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1994) and our other variables of interest: curiosity and explorative tendencies (Kashdan, Rose, & Fincham, 2004), satisfaction with life (Diener, Emmons, Larsen, & Griffin, 1985), and willingness to try or experience with various Kama Sutra sexual positions.
El Kama Sutra llego a las lenguas occidentales y al habla inglesa gracias a una traduccion--que en realidad es la mezcla del Kama Sutra y el Jayamangala--realizada en 1833 por el explorador y erudito ingles sir Richard Francis Burton.
But several societal factors are now contributing to a readiness to begin communally formulating a Catholic Kama Sutra.
The first chapter of the Kama Sutra had contained mathematics problems but, as the centuries passed, the first chapter had been removed.
partnership is now running a promotion using the Kama Sutra, the Indian book of lovemaking.
Subversively sexual, the piece offered such imagery as ballerinas dressed in shirts and rubber phalluses, beguiling deer-headed businessmen, and a sulfurous evocation of the Indian Kama Sutra.
Escrito durante el "Gupta" o llamado periodo de la Edad Clasica de la India, lo cierto es que ha sido leido en occidente sobre todo como moro "manual de instruccion sexual", sobre todo porque las mas de sus traducciones se centran si acaso en el famoso indice de posiciones eroticas que solo corresponde al capitulo 35 del Kama Sutra.
Later in the tirade Robertson asserted that in public schools "[Y]ou can bring the Kama Sutra and teach them sex positions, you can bring in condoms, you can bring in a lecture on homosexual behavior, you can have `Johnny Has Two Fathers' or whatever.
Bud "drives a German luxury car, has memorized the entire Oxford English Dictionary and likes to hang on the beach with a hot babe, a cold Bud and a folio edition of the Kama Sutra in its original Sanskrit.
5 ( ANI ): A team of designers have introduced a new dot-to-dot version of the ancient Kama Sutra sex guide, filled with incomplete illustrations of recommended sexual positions.
htm) Sex Guide Kama Sutra Join-the-Dots Version Launched