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Parts of the 30th Kampfgeschwader (Battle Wing) (KG 30), flying Ju-88s, and the 26th Battle Wing (KG 26), flying He-11 Is and based in Denmark and Kristiansand and Gardermoen, Norway, were put in combat readiness.
Under the proposed CONOPS, one fighter wing (Jagdgeschwader) would accompany each Kampfgeschwader during its entire mission--flown at 190mph at 13-15,000 ft--while another took off later, and --flying at the more tactically appropriate 300mph above 20,000 ft--would sweep ahead, attacking any interceptors rising to meet them.
At 1230, a second wave of Germans came in, this time including the first AEG G.IV twin engine bombers to appear over Italy, courtesy of Kampfstaffel 19, Kampfgeschwader 4.
Hirschberger was a member of Kampfgeschwader 76 (KG 76), a Luftwaffe bomber outfit equipped with Ar 234s.
John Weal's HE 111 KAMPFGESCHWADER ON THE RUSSIAN FRONT (9781780963075, $22.95) provides a fine survey adding to the Osprey combat aircraft series and tells of the twin-engined He111 which flew in battles during the start of World War II, providing the aerial force that fostered all the early Blitzkrieg campaigns.
First to arrive, at 7.20pm, were the Heinkel 111s of Kampfgeschwader 100, to shower the target area with incendiaries (10,000 of them).
Kampfgeschwader z.b.V.1 consisted of four Kampfgruppen z.b.V.s.
Hs293 missiles and FX1400 guided bombs were successfully employed in 1943-44 by Luftwaffe bomber units; one of only five battleships sunk at sea solely by aviation, the Italian battleship Roma, was sunk by FX1400s dropped and guided by Do-217 crews of Kampfgeschwader (Bomber Squadron) 100.
John Weal's HE 111 KAMPFGESCHWADER IN THE WEST (9781849086707, $22.95) joins others in Osprey's 'Combat Aircraft' series and discusses a plane originally designed in the mid-1930s as a fast airliner that could become a bomber.
In October 1944 Rod was based at Celle, northeast of Hannover, after Kampfgeschwader 100--with its He 177s and Dornier 217s, equipped with remote-controlled glide and buzz bombs, and amour-piercing anti-shipping bombs-had been disbanded because German priorities were now shifting to home defence.
The German air unit KG 76 (Kampfgeschwader 76) used the Ar 234B-2 bomber version to belatedly collapse the Ludendorff bridge at Remagen after the Allies crossed the Rhine.
ALBATROS DV: WESTERN FRONT 1917-18 (9781846034718, $17.95), telling of two competing attempts to refine proven designs for aerial combat, and John Weal's JUNKERS JU 88 KAMPFGESCHWADER IN NORTH AFRICA AND THE MEDITERRANEAN (9781846033186, $22.95), telling of the history of the twin-engined bomber that performed as a bomber, reconnaissance platform, and fighter.