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KANKansas (old style)
KANKannada (Indian language)
KANKannapolis (Amtrak station code; Kannapolis, NC)
KANKomite Akreditasi Nasional (Indonesian: National Accreditation Committee)
KANKnow and Network (European Social Fund; women; information technology)
KANKano, Nigeria - Aminu Kano International (Airport Code)
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Kantos Kan had fought several times during the day and like myself had always proven victorious, but occasionally by the smallest of margins, especially when pitted against the green warriors.
Kantos Kan and I were now pitted against each other but as we approached to the encounter I whispered to him to prolong the battle until nearly dark in the hope that we might find some means of escape.
Bu calismada, kan kulturunun pozitiflesmesi olasiligini artiran hastaya ait faktorlerle birlikte, ureyen mikroorganizmalarin dagilimlarinin degerlendirilmesi ve kanin alindigi sirada antibiyotik kullanimi, kanin alindigi yer, kan orneklerinin alinma sikligi, kultur sisesine inokule edilen kan miktari ve kulturlerin inkubasyon suresi gibi faktorlerin kan kulturunun pozitiflesmesi uzerine etkilerinin ortaya konmasi amaclanmistir.
In a short span of nine months since the opening of the Middle East regional head office in Bahrain, the safety and environmental solutions specialist Katch Kan says its business has stabilised.
said that Maso, a belt maker from Marawi City, was watching Pacquiao's match against Chris Algieri when Ali Kan entered his house and fired two shots at his face, killing him instantly.
Katch Kan is committed to improving liability management ratings of the nation's energy operators, while providing compliance integrity for: health and safety, environmental impact, resources conservation, and stakeholder confidence.
I'm going, too,'' Kan is quoted as saying, during his visit to TEPCO's headquarters in the early hours of March 15.
Kan described a nightmare vision of 'deserted scenes of Tokyo without a single man' and the need to evacuate tens of millions of people.
The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Office has accepted the complaint which accuses Kan of violating the political funds control law for allegedly falsifying its financial report to the government, according to the sources.
Kan who received no confidence vote in Parliament hinted that he wanted to keep his job beyond this year.
Kan's offer to step down buys him time to prepare an extra budget to fund the rebuilding cost of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, but does little to resolve the country's long-running political and policy paralysis.