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kaptKaptein (Dutch)
KAPTKentucky's Affordable Prepaid Tuition plan
KAPTKentucky Association of Pupil Transportation (est. 1976)
KAPTKentucky Association of Physics Teachers
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For example, studies have been conducted in which scholars have examined match fixing from social science, criminology, and legal approaches (Aquilina & Chetcuti, 2014; Hill, 2009; Holden & Rodenberg, 2016; Numerato, 2016; Peurala, 2013), in the social context from psychological and economic perspectives (Bag & Saha, 2011; Barkoukis, Lazuras, & Tsorbatzoudis, 2015; Caruso, 2009; Forrest, 2012; Forrest, McHale, & McAuley, 2008; Hwang, 2016), and from descriptions of cases involving international sports scandals (den Nieuwenboer & Kaptein, 2008; Gorse & Chadwick, 2010; Maennig, 2005; Mason, 1999; Treisman, 2000).
The tendency to increase the amount of information disclosed by the firm as part of an open style initially led to the frequent use of the term transparency until Bushman, Piotroski, and Smith (2004) introduced the term corporate transparency as 'the availability of firm-specific information to those who are outside', a term that remains in the works, among others, of Kaptein and Van Tul der (2003), Almazan, Suarez and Titman (2003), or Aggarwal and Kyaw (2009).
Consequently, it causes daily distress and negatively affects their quality of life (Tander, Akpolat, Durmus, & Canturk, 2007; Thong, Kaptein, Krediet, Boeschoten, & Dekker, 2007).
Given phenomenological similarities between AN and OCD (Altman & Shankman, 2009; Davis & Kaptein, 2006), and following an anxiety-based etiological model (Guarda, Schreyer, Boersma, Tamashiro, & Moran, 2015), exposure with or without response prevention has been postulated as a potential intervention strategy in AN (Koskina, Campbell, & Schmidt, 2013).
Historical sources discussed above for each population suggest that in rural Dutch populations, men typically worked outdoors and traveled further on a daily basis, whereas women were typically involved in activities in or around the house such as food production and spinning wool and linen (Jewell 2007; Kaptein 2007; van Steensel 2012).
For each section, Kaptein and van Dijk have written useful overviews, as well as an introduction to the volume.
Kaptein Huberts, Avelino and Lasthuizen (2005) points out that these take the form of misquoting hours worked, unfair treatment of workers, sexual harassment, and violations of privacy.
Kaptein ML Dental implants in the atrophic maxilla: measurements of patients' satisfaction and treatment experience.
But let's keep in mind that the offering of cakes mounted in trees or even of mounts is known in Mawlids all the way from those of Jveas (13) in Kampot, to the Makassars in Sulawesi (Hamonic 1985), and in other parts of the Muslim world (Fuchs 1987; Kaptein 1993; Knappert 1988; Sato 2006).
Authorities' power in social media has been studied mainly in terms of the surveillance and monitoring of activists, but this study has shown a need for further investigation into the police's public interaction and self-representation on social media (Crump, 2011), particularly during protests and riots (Denef, Bayerl, & Kaptein, 2013; Schneider, 2014).
In Komplot is daar die Russiese Zll-110, die Packard 180 en die werktuigkundige by die voertuigdepot se uitgesproke bewondering vir die tweede generasie Chev Bel Air Coupe: "Jissis, kaptein, dis 'n moerse fokken kar die.