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kaptKaptein (Dutch)
KAPTKentucky's Affordable Prepaid Tuition plan
KAPTKentucky Association of Pupil Transportation (est. 1976)
KAPTKentucky Association of Physics Teachers
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Drawing on social psychology scientific experiments and examples from business practice, Muel Kaptein discusses why good people sometimes do bad things and how they rise above this behavior.
Cohn DM, Vansenne F, Kaptein AA, De Borgie CA, Middeldorp S.
Kaptein found that the most important factor in reducing unethical behavior was senior and local management's embedding of the corporate code of ethics within an organization.
Using Girard's ideas as a basis for his analysis, Kaptein asks the inevitable question: how do we go about finding a way out of this sacrificial crisis?
This mobilisation was initiated by what Stephen Bell calls a 'neo-liberal coalition', and what Kaptein describes as a 'neoliberal power bloc', which set out to construct new state-economy relations out of the ashes of the post-war regulatory order.
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Kaptein of the Toronto Western Research Institute analysed the responses for almost 9,000 individuals between the ages of 25 and 64.
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It has been viewed as a predictor, a risk factor, and/or a symptom of ED (Asci, Tuzun, & Koca, 2006; Davis, Katzman, Kaptein, et al.