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KRGGKarachi Retail Grocers Group (Pakistan)
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Karachi Retail Grocers Group (KRGG) General Secretary Farid Qureshi the practice of availing goods on credit is mainly common in shops located in residential areas where shopkeepers know the whereabouts of buyers.
The price list has been issued with the consultation of Karachi Wholesalers Grocers Association, Jodia Bazaar Traders' Association, Karachi Retail Grocers Group, Bureau of Supply and Prices, Consumers' Associations and civil society, but a vast gap exists between official and market rates.
This was stated by the Karachi Retail Grocers Group's General Secretary Fareed Qureshi here on Saturday.
President Karachi Retail Grocers Group, Ansar Baig Qadri said sugar prices would shoot up to Rs 80-85 per kilogramme in Ramadhan as huge future contracts are being made on daily Basis.
General secretary, Karachi Retail Grocers Group (KRGG), Farid Qureishi said a leading multinational dairy company has made two to three price jumps from August to October 2018 without attributing any reasons in their price list issued to retailers.
General Secretary of Karachi Retail Grocers Group (KRGG) Farid Qureishi said many one kg/litre pouch makers of ghee and cooking oil have increased the price by Rs2 per kg/litre while 16 kg tin of ghee and cooking price had been raised by Rs32.
However, General Secretary Karachi Retail Grocers Group (KRGG), Mohammad Farid Qureishi begged to differ and said, 'Same old days have returned in Sindh as same old faces have returned.
'There was only one working day (Monday) before Eid holidays and many ATMs are now out of cash,' said Fareed Qureshi, general secretary of Karachi Retail Grocers Group. 'And they expect us to carry the cash all the time from the sale on Tuesday and after Friday.
Karachi Retail Grocers Group (KRGG) general secretary Farid Qureishi said a leading blender of tea has intimated surge in price by Rs80 per kg from Aug 1.
General Secretary Karachi Retail Grocers Group (KRGG), Farid Quraishi strongly urged the Commissioner Karachi to provide security to the retailers as people may go wild against retailers after failing to find the most essential item.
Karachi Retail Grocers Group general secretary Mohammad Farid Qureishi said so far the local and foreign companies have not informed shopkeepers about any rise in retail price of various products.
Karachi Retail Grocers Group (KRGG)s general secretary, Farid Qureshi said that Irri, Sehla and Basmati prices were seen surging by Rs 18, Rs 40 and Rs 45 to Rs 60, Rs 150 and Rs 160 per kilo gram respectively, but now Irri being sold at Rs 34 on the average, while Sehla and Basmati at Rs 100 per kilo i.e.
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