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KNUKaren National Union (Burma)
KNUKyungpook National University (Daegu, South Korea)
KNUKainan University (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
KNUKongju National University (South Korea)
KNUKharkov National University (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
KNUKorean Nuclear Unit
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The Karen National Union (KNU) and New Mon State Party (NMSP) may be close to reconciliation after both sides sat for talks in the Mon border town of Three Pagodas Pass on Tuesday.
Expansion is planned to adjacent areas of Tanintharyi Region and Kayin State in the next phase, including areas administered by or under the influence of the Karen National Union and other groups.
Only two groups signing the accord could be considered genuine rebel armies: the Karen National Union, KNU, and the Restoration Council of Shan State, RCSS and its Shan State Army South.
Among them are the Karen National Union which was until their bilateral ceasefire in 2012 the world's longest-running rebel insurgency.
Among those that signed was the Karen National Union (KNU), Myanmar's oldest armed group.
The six-day summit of ethnic leaders, the fourth of its kind, is being participated by leaders of 12 invited armed groups including Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), Karen National Union (KNU), United Wa State Army (UWSA) and National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA).
A small sample of the specific influences discussed includes the colonial history of Burma, Christian and animist practices, the longstanding ethnic conflict between the Karen and the dominant Burman ethnic group, the authority of the Karen National Union, the unsettled relationship between UNHCR and the Royal Thai Government, the equally tumultuous relationship between the refugee community and humanitarian actors, international human rights norms, and recent resettlement initiatives.
In early February 1947, the Karen National Union (KNU) was formed at a Karen Congress attended by 700 delegates from the Karen National Association, both Christians and Buddhist at Vinton Memorial Hall in Rangoon.
Many of the refugees are from Myanmar's eastern Karen state, where a major rebel group, the Karen National Union (KNU) signed a ceasefire deal with the new regime last year after decades of civil war.
The groups taking part include the Karen National Union, Kachin Independence Organization and New Mon State Party.
Rangoon, Apr 14 ( ANI ): One of Myanmar's key ethnic insurgent groups, Karen National Union, has reportedly urged the international community to wait for more political reforms and a national cease-fire before easing long-standing sanctions against the country.
More importantly, the president has strived to achieve a cease fire with ethnic minorities such as Karens led by the Karen National Union, who faced human rights abuses at the hands of the military.