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KAUSAustin-Bergstrom International Airport (Austin, Texas)
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Mickey's father, the Viennese-born Otto Kaus, was a well-respected jurist who sat on the California Supreme Court from 1981 to 1985.
Kaus shows the reader how to create your own media tool kit, how to talk like a journalist, and the satisfaction of seeing your name in print.
CROW - The Grube and Kau girls are no longer unattached.
The phenomena that foster the Reserve mystique are, Kaus says, baseless illusions.
Kaus says he thought it would be helpful to save other people the trouble of reading it while still providing them with the gist of the pieces.
Kaus, "although so far commercial scale production there is not justified.
These three stars--Epsilon ([epsilon]), Delta ([delta]), and Lambda ([lambda]) Sagittarii--are also known as Kaus Australis, Kaus Media, and Kaus Borealis, respectively.
Kaus exposed Reich as an intellectual poseur, an economist wannabe (he was a Yale lawyer who took a Rhodes trip to Oxford), a man who fabricated facts for his many tomes, and one who would - even after being informed that some piece of analysis was faulty, some bit of evidence untrue - continue to dispense policy nonsense so long as it could be slicked up with a new coat of spin.
Welfare is a hot-button issue, Mickey Kaus declares in a recent cover story on the elections in The New Republic, because of the (mistaken) perception that mostly African-American, inner-city residents receive it: "Welfare may or may not have caused this underclass, but welfare is clearly what sustains it.